ECG-RA, Parking Facilities and Student Driving

About this Regulation

Regulation: ECG-RA

Last revised: February 21, 2023


To set forth guidelines for the development of local school rules concerning the allocation of available parking spaces for student vehicles on school grounds

To establish procedures for the implementation of Maryland laws concerning parking permits and towing from parking facilities on properties owned by the Montgomery County Board of Education (Board) or contracted for use by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), hereafter referred to as “MCPS parking facilities”


Consistent with Board Policy ECA, Sustainability, MCPS encourages staff and students to consider the environmental impact of driving to school and provides bus transportation to all students who live beyond specified walking distances and to those students whose walking conditions are hazardous, regardless of distance, and when a student’s Individualized Education Program requires special or specific transportation.  

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