Policy on Student Expenses Revised for Comment

April 24, 2003
The Board of Education has tentatively approved for public comment a revision to Policy JNA, “Out-of-Pocket Expenses of Students.” The revision includes renaming the policy “Curricular Expenses for Students” to more accurately reflect the type of expenses addressed under the policy.

The policy revision emphasizes that all students, regardless of their economic circumstances, will be provided access to all courses and the instructional materials required for those courses. The policy clarifies the types of supplemental expenses students may incur and communicates the Board’s expectation that students and parents be informed of fees during the registration process.

The revisions are designed to ensure that procedures are consistent among schools and are aligned with the policy. Each school will be required to develop and publish a list of curricular expenses by course or subject area that has been approved by the appropriate community superintendent. The charges will be fixed on an annual basis.

The policy also encourages access to field trips that relate to the instructional program and states that individual students may not be deprived of participation because of a lack of money.

The policy does not apply to optional expenses that students may incur during their school years that are not related to curriculum. These expenses may include items such as athletic shoes, school newspapers, yearbooks, and class rings.
The school system will continue to provide without charge the course content materials, safely equipment for all courses requiring such equipment, and three transcripts for each student.

The draft, revised policy will now be sent out for a period of public comment, and final action by the Board is expected in June 2003.

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