Board of Education Seeking Comment on Three Policies

November 26, 2019

The Montgomery County Board of Education is seeking comment on three policies— Policy JEE, Student Transfers; Policy BOA, Legal Services, and Policy IGS, Educational Technology.

Visit this webpage to read the draft policies and to offer comment.

Comments on Policy JEE are due by Sunday, December 15, 2019. Comments on Policy BOA and Policy IGS are due by Sunday, January 12, 2020.

You can also read the draft policies and comment from the links below.

The Board is proposing amendments to Board Policy JEE, Student Transfers, and is seeking public comment on the amendments. 

Read draft Board Policy JEE

Comment on draft Board Policy JEE here

Draft Policy BOA, Legal Services, reaffirms the right of the Board of Education to retain attorneys for advice and representation in legal matters and sets forth a comprehensive plan for the efficient and effective management of legal services.

Read draft Board Policy BOA  

Comment on draft Board Policy BOA here   

Draft Policy IGS, Educational Technology, reaffirms the Board's commitment to equitable access and opportunity for all students and staff to use technology to communicate, collaborate, create and innovate safely and responsibly in support of teaching and learning. 

Read draft Board Policy IGS  

Comment on draft Board Policy IGS here  





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