Statement from the Montgomery County Board of Education: Commitment to Equity, Justice and Excellence

May 30, 2020

As the children and community read, hear and watch in horror about the recent deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, it is our moral imperative to speak out. The Montgomery County Board of Education condemns the senseless killing of Mr. Floyd in Minneapolis and Ms. Taylor in Louisville. That their killings  are committed by a law enforcement officer is beyond the pale. These acts have focused our nation on the longstanding historical injustices that have plagued our nation since its founding. As the leaders of the largest school system in the state, and as those charged with supporting and guiding the development of our children's future, we cannot be silent. Together, with one voice, we must speak out and let all of our children know that we will not tolerate our students feeling unsafe in their skin.   

All of our children deserve a future untainted by the despair and rage that are inherent byproducts of racial injustice.  Our work is essential for securing that future.  These tragedies are a stark reminder of the importance of our work  building  safe, welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environments where all children can reach their full potential.  We are also reminded how important our work is in supporting our black and brown boys who  see this savage act through a lens of fear and sadness.  We must let them know that we see them, we accept them for who they are as individuals, we will support them and we will protect them.  

We will continue and intensify our commitment to equity and excellence, ensuring we are  building a school system where all truly means all is paramount. This means we will continue to build a culturally proficient staff who are able to provide the support, guidance and protection our students deserve. We will continue our work with the Black and Brown Coalition and other allies to ensure that our policies, practices and procedures are equitable. We will continue our restorative justice work, ensuring that schools are healthy learning communities where members understand and embrace mutual responsibility and fairness.  

Our classrooms serve as gathering places for students from all races, ethnicities, religions, nationalities and identities.  Their very diversity is the power of our community.  How they learn together will determine the future of our county, country, and world.  Knowing each other matters, seeing each other matters, working together matters.

None of the sorrow, despair or rage will bring Mr. Floyd or Ms. Taylor back, but in their deaths let us renew our purpose, our mission, to provide every student with what they need to thrive.  We urge those as unsettled as we are by these events to join with us in advocating for supporting, loving and protecting all of our students every day.  


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