KID Museum Partners with Montgomery County Public Schools to Offer a Summer of Learning for Students

July 16, 2020

KID Museum is partnering with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) to deliver summer programming to children enrolled in Title I schools. Building on the current partnership with MCPS, KID Museum will deliver Make it! Summer School—live, maker-based virtual programming—to more than 3,000 students in grades 2-5 from the county’s highest need communities.

“Partnering with KID Museum is part of our strategy to provide expanded access to STEM opportunities for all students,” says Jack R. Smith, MCPS Superintendent of Schools. “This partnership is another example of the strengths of the Montgomery County community being leveraged to support our children.”

Designed to engage students, the summer program helps youth develop the “Mind of a Maker.” Make it! Summer School will introduce students to STEM concepts, while guiding them as they become more curious, creative, collaborative and compassionate problem solvers. This summer programming will combat learning loss tied to the COVID-19 school closures and will provide greater opportunity and access to students enrolled in Title I schools.

Over a four-week period—from July 20 through August 7—MCPS and KID Museum educators will work together to deliver the curriculum, which will include lessons that explore creative coding, city engineering and kinetic sculptures. In addition, KID Museum will provide professional development for classroom teachers to support them in facilitating these real-time digital learning experiences. Although the program is virtual, each lesson will emphasize hands-on learning off-screen, using technology to connect with the instructor and collaborate with peers.

“Students will be engaged and challenged to build in real life, rather than on a screen,” says Liza Manfred, KID Museum’s Director of Education Strategy and Planning. “This is a great opportunity for them to reactivate their minds. If we can get them excited about learning, that’s a huge step forward.”


About KID Museum
KID Museum is the region’s pioneering experiential museum and educational makerspace.
The museum fosters the “Mind of a Maker” and empowers the next generation with the skills to invent the future. Through hands-on programs, the KID Museum challenges young people to be active makers, building agency, confidence and creative problem-solving skills. They design and deliver programs across the full continuum of learning for kids in prekindergarten through middle school, in partnership with educators and schools. The museum’s weekend on-site programs, community events and live, virtual sessions encourage families to learn and explore together.

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