Comment Period Set for Charter Schools Policy

August 11, 2003
The Board of Education tentatively approved a revised Policy CFB, Public Charter Schools, at its July 29th meeting. Interested individuals or groups are encouraged to submit comments about the policy to the Board during the public comment period ending September 26, 2003.

A public charter school is defined as a public school that operates under a charter, or contract, within the public school system and is accountable to the Board of Education. Revised Policy CFB, Public Charter Schools, sets forth objectives to be followed with regard to the application, evaluation, and approval process for public charter schools. The revisions are designed to clarify the policy and to bring it into conformity with the state Public Charter School Act of 2003.

Public responses to the revised policy should be in writing and sent by September 26 to the Office of the Superintendent of Schools, 850 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20850. All responses will be shared with the Board of Education. The text of the policy is available on the Montgomery County Public Schools web site at the link below.

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