State Compliments System's Extensive 5-Year Master Plan

December 16, 2003
The Maryland State Department of Education has approved the five-year comprehensive master plan for the Montgomery County Public Schools, which filled 12 thick notebooks and included 10,000 pages of back-up documentation.

State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick said the plan reflected an "incredible amount of work," and she conveyed the appreciation of the Maryland State Board of Education on the plan's detailed development and implementation of improvement strategies.

The plan won state approval based on an analysis and site visit by a review panel of educators from other school systems around the state. The panel's final report called the plan "an extraordinary team effort" and complimented school system staff for responding to its inquiries with the "same thoroughness and attention to detail as in the original plan."

The master plan, which was submitted to the state for approval in September, describes how the system is addressing new state and federal requirements for improving student achievement. The plan is built on contributions of literally hundreds of staff, parents, and others from throughout the school system and community who were involved in the process of creating the school system's own five-year strategic plan, Our Call to Action: Pursuit of Excellence. The Board of Education adopted the county's strategic plan in June.

Chief Operating Officer Commended

Dr. Jerry D. Weast, superintendent of schools, commended Mr. Larry A. Bowers, chief operating officer, for "his expertise, leadership, and dedication in completing the often difficult and time-consuming task" of developing the master plan. "His work with the members of the executive staff and others in completing the master plan reflects a commitment to excellence that has characterized the entire strategic planning process," Dr. Weast said.

The master plan addresses the specific requirements of the Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act, which was passed by the Maryland General Assembly following the findings and recommendations of the Thornton Commission. It also describes how the school system has incorporated other new state initiatives, including those identified by the Maryland Visionary Panel for Better Schools.

Divided into seven major components, plus an executive summary, the master plan provides the goals, objectives, and strategies to improve the performance of all students. It also describes the alignment of the system's operating and capital budgets and identifies specifically how budgetary resources will address achieving the planning goals.

The school system's strategic plan is available online at the link below.

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