Update #2 on School Operations for Employees

January 27, 2004
The following provides an update on school system operations, pending further disruptions due to weather conditions:

1. All 10-month supporting services employees, including paraeducators and secretaries, who had been scheduled to work yesterday (Monday, January 26), are not required to make up the day by reporting to work on Tuesday, January 27. (All such employees will be granted emergency leave for the closure of schools today.) The scheduled non-work day for these employees on Tuesday will remain in effect.

2. Inservice training activities for cafeteria, transportation, and security staff are canceled for Tuesday, January 27, and those employees should not report to work.

3. Professional development programs for teachers and principals on Tuesday, January 27, are canceled in order to proceed with report card preparation and planning. Schools and offices will open 2 hours late today.

4. The due date for grade collection sheets to be submitted to data processing remains scheduled for Thursday, January 29, as previously planned.

5. Payroll information for the pay period ending January 23, which had been due Monday, instead will be posted on Wednesday, January 28.

6. Further updates will be provided as necessary. Staff are reminded that changes in school operations are announced through a variety of external media, including all radio and television news stations. The most detailed updates are available through the following sources:

* MCPS cable television on Channel 34

* MCPS website at

* MCPS FirstClass and Outlook Emergency Messages

* MCPS information telephone line at 301-279-3673

* The privately-administered website (which will forward an e-mail message on a registered listserve)

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