Comments on Amendments to Student Discipline Policy Due by Feb. 7

January 10, 2022

The Montgomery County Board of Education is seeking comments on proposed amendments to Board Policy JGA, Student Discipline, to implement changes required by Maryland law. Maryland law requires “restorative approaches” that foster positive, respectful, orderly and safe learning environments necessary for effective learning. The policy has been available for comment since Dec. 2. Public comments are due by Monday, Feb. 7.

A new title is proposed to reflect this restorative approach: Policy JGA, Behavior Intervention, Safety, and Well-being Plan. The draft policy, a video presentation and the opportunity to provide public comments are available here

The draft includes a relationship-focused model for behavior intervention and safety that—

  • is primarily proactive and preventative;
  • emphasizes building strong relationships;
  • setting clear behavioral expectations that contribute to the school community well-being;
  • responds to behavior that violates clear behavior expectations,
  • focuses on accountability for any harm done by the problem behavior; and
  • addresses ways to repair the relationships affected by the problem behavior with the voluntary participation of an individual who was harmed.

Review the draft policy.

Submit comments on the draft policy here.


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