Board of Education Approves Policy on Legal Services

April 16, 2004
The Board of Education met on Thursday [April 15] and, among other items, approved a revised policy on legal services and rescinded 13 policies that are no longer needed. The Board also appointed a principal, appointed a work group to examine eligibility for extracurricular activities, and approved the publication of a library media information-literacy skills framework.

The Board also received an update on Title I schools. The Board received a final report on legislation approved in the 2004 session of the Maryland General Assembly and approved a resolution asking for support in safeguarding funding of teacher pensions. The observance in April of National Autism Awareness Month, Secretaries Week, and National Volunteer Week also were approved.

Final Action on Policy BOA, Legal Services

The Board approved a revised policy on legal services that provides a framework for the retention and selection of outside counsel and the management of legal services.

Rescission of Various Policies

The Board approved rescission of 13 policies after review by the Board's Policy Committee. In general, these policies either were out-of-date, superseded by law or state regulation, or determined to be more appropriate for administrative regulation.


The Board approved the following administrative appointment:

· Cynthia Best-Goring, currently principal, East Silver Spring Elementary School, as principal of Silver Spring International Middle School.

Academic Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities

The Board voted to ask the superintendent to establish a work group of stakeholders comprising equal representation of teachers, staff, parents, and students to review and research the implications of revisions to the policy on academic eligibility for extracurricular activities. Among the considerations is a pilot that would allow incoming ninth grade students with less than a 2.0 Grade Point Average to engage in extracurricular activities if they agree to participate in a personalized academic support program. A recommendation is expected within one year.

Library Media Information-Literacy Skills PreK-12 Framework

The Board approved the publication of “Information Literacy: A Shared Responsibility” for use by library media specialists to collaborate with teachers in integrating information-literacy and technology skills throughout the curriculum.

Update on Title I Schools

The Board reviewed changes in the Title I program in Montgomery County Public Schools and the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act on Title I schools.

Dialogue on Federal Education Legislation

The Board engaged in a dialogue on the local impact of Federal education legislation.

Final Report on Legislation

The Board received a final report on legislation approved in the 2004 session of the Maryland General Assembly and approved a resolution to request support from the Maryland Association of Boards of Education in advocating for state support to safeguard funding of teacher pensions.

Secretaries Week

The Board approved the observance of Secretaries Week from April 18-24 in recognition of the competence and dedication of secretarial and clerical employees.

National Volunteer Week

The Board approved the observance of National Volunteer Week from April 18-24 in recognition of the expertise and commitment of volunteers and volunteer coordinators. During the past school year, more than 41,100 volunteers gave more than 3.8 million hours of service to staff and students. The dollar value attached to those service hours exceeds $61.1 million.

National Autism Awareness Month

The Board recognized the observance of National Autism Awareness Month and expressed appreciation to all who work in support of individuals and families whose daily lives are affected by autism. The school system is currently responsible for the education of approximately 684 students with autism.

Board of Education: Ms. Sharon W. Cox, president; Mr. Reginald M. Felton, vice president. Members: Mr. Kermit V. Burnett, Dr. Charles Haughey, Mr. Walter N. Lange, Mrs. Patricia B. O'Neill, Mr. Gabe Romero, and Mr. Sagar Sanghvi, student member. Dr. Jerry D. Weast, superintendent and secretary treasurer. Office of the Board: 301-279-3617.

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