Board Reviews School Year Preparations

August 26, 2004
The Board of Education met on Tuesday [August 24] and, among other items, discussed the opening of schools and results of the Maryland School Assessments (MSA). The Board also reviewed an update on nutrition and physical education programs offered in the school system. The Board approved an administrative appointment at the Emory Grove Center.

Readiness for the Opening of Schools

The Board discussed readiness for the opening of schools, including preparations made in areas including teacher and staff development, expanded opportunities for student learning, enhanced technology, and facility modernization. The school year begins with almost 140,500 students and nearly 800 teachers new to the school system.

Nutrition and Physical Education Programs

The Board received an update on the food and nutrition program, nutrition education program, and physical education program offered in the school system. A stakeholder work group's recommendations on healthier options in vending machines and school stores was accepted by the Board last March and will be implemented with the start of this school year.

Update on Maryland School Assessments

The Board reviewed a report on the status of the Maryland School Assessments (MSA) and received an update on recent changes in the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) accountability program to comply the mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act. In the coming weeks, final decisions regarding the status of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for schools and the school system, as well as proficiency results for Grades 4, 6 and 7 on the MSA, will be announced by MSDE. The preliminary AYP report issued by MSDE in late June showed that 90 percent of all MCPS schools had met the requirements so far in 2004, compared with 75 percent in 2003.

Property Exchange Agreement - Lincoln Center

The Board approved a plan to move forward with a property exchange agreement that would commence with a 120-day study period for the sale and redevelopment of the Board's landholdings on North Stonestreet Avenue in exchange for a turnkey warehouse location.


The Board approved the following administrative appointment:

· Michael Smith, currently special education teacher, Rocky Hill Middle School, as coordinator, Alternative Programs, Emory Grove Center

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