Board Approves Appointment of 4 Administrators

September 28, 2004
The Board of Education met yesterday (Monday, September 27) and, among other items, approved four administrative appointments, reviewed an update on enrollment and the Capital Improvements Program, and also reviewed the summer 2004 professional development and training program. The Board approved the observance of "Walk to School Day" on October 7 and went on record in opposition to Question A Property Tax Limits.


The Board approved the following administrative appointments:

· Kevin M. Maxwell, currently principal, Walter Johnson High School, as community superintendent, Damascus, Gaithersburg, Col. Zadok Magruder, and Watkins Mill clusters

· JoAnn A. Leleck, currently principal, Broad Acres Elementary School, as director of school performance, Office of School Performance

· Deeva Garel, currently acting assistant chief information officer, Student and Business Technologies, as assistant chief information officer, Student and Business Technologies, Office of Strategic Technologies and Accountability

· Alison B. Steinfels, currently staff attorney, Special Education Legal Services, Department of Special Education, as supervisor, Equity Assurance and Compliance Unit, Department of Special Education

Update on Enrollment and Capital Improvements Program

The Board reviewed the impact of changing demographics on school enrollment. Continuing space shortages affect schools at all levels, and this year there are 720 relocatable classrooms in use at schools. Immediate impact is strongest at the high school level, driving the need to reopen Northwood High School and the plan to open a new Clarksburg area high school in 2006. There is now the need to begin planning for a new high school in the central portion of the county. The estimated September 30 enrollment of about 139,600 will represent an increase of approximately 400 students from last year.

Summer 2004 Professional Development and Training Summary

The Board reviewed a report on summer professional development and training, including next steps to target support for curriculum implementation and leadership development. Plans also include ways to use technological approaches for delivering training efficiently.

Ballot Question A

The Board went on record in opposition to Question A Property Tax Limits, a proposed county charter amendment on the ballot this November that seeks to eliminate the authority of the County Council, by an affirmative vote of 7 out of 9 council members, to levy a tax on real property that will produce revenue that exceeds the revenue limit set in Section 305 of the County Charter. The Board's resolution will be forwarded to the County Executive and County Council.

Walk to School Day

The Board proclaimed October 7, 2004, as Walk to School Day in order to promote pedestrian safety and physical fitness. Elementary schools throughout the county will mark the day with organized walks to school and other commemorations.

Board of Education: Ms. Sharon W. Cox, president. Mrs. Patricia B. O'Neill, vice president. Members: Mr. Kermit V. Burnett, Dr. Charles Haughey, Mr. Walter N. Lange, Dr. Henry Lee, Mr. Gabe Romero, and Mr. Sagar Sanghvi, student member. Dr. Jerry D. Weast, superintendent and secretary treasurer. Office of the Board: 301-279-3617.

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