Board Discusses Advanced Placement Results

February 22, 2005
The Board of Education met on Tuesday, February 8, and, among other items, adopted the FY 2006 Operating Budget, discussed Advanced Placement results, took tentative action on Policy GAA, and requested a special appropriation for lead abatement. The Board also made an administrative appointment and approved preliminary plans for the modernization of Garrett Park Elementary School.

Adoption of FY 2006 Operating Budget Request

The Board adopted an operating budget request for Fiscal Year 2006 of $1.7 billion. The budget includes $9.8 million earmarked for a systemwide reduction in maximum class size guidelines. The budget also includes three amendments to the superintendent's December recommendations: $165,740 for the Gateway to College program, $470,387 for IPAS (Increasing Proficiency for All Students)/Challenge Grant funding, and $39,290 to add 10 sets of simultaneous translation equipment.

MCPS Advanced Placement Results

The Board engaged in dialogue on issues presented by the superintendent related to Advanced Placement scores and other measures of student achievement. From 2000-2004, the number of MCPS students passing AP exams has increased, with 39.4 percent of the senior class last spring taking and scoring a 3 or better on AP exams. That number increases to 46 percent when International Baccalaureate students getting a grade of 4 or better on IB tests is included.

Tentative Action on Policy GAA

The Board took tentative action to adopt draft Policy GAA, Positive Work Environment in a Self-renewing Organization. The new core governance policy articulates the Board's commitment to professional growth systems for all employees and promotes an environment of high expectations and mutual respect. The policy will be sent out for public comment before final Board approval.

Special Appropriation Request for Lead Abatement

The Board voted to request a FY 2005 Capital Budget special appropriation of $1.6 million to fund a remediation program for certain MCPS facilities with elevated lead levels in the drinking water. The funds will be used to begin remediation at schools where it has been determined that the problem can be resolved by replacing fixtures. The request will be forwarded to the county executive for approval by the County Council.


The Board approved the following administrative appointment:
• Maryam Ehsassi, currently acting program manager, as program manager, Instructional Management Systems, Office of Strategic Technologies and Accountability

Preliminary Plan, Garrett Park Elementary School Modernization

The Board approved a preliminary plan for modernization of Garrett Park Elementary School.

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