Live Call-in Show on Teen Driving Airs on March 7

February 28, 2005
Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) and MCPS TV, Cable Channel 34, will produce and broadcast a program called Viewpoint: Teen Driving & Taking Control to air on Monday, March 7, from 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. This live talk show, geared for parents of teenagers, will discuss the rise in teen driving fatalities and what steps and strategies parents can take to reduce the risks with their children.

Hosted by Wall Street journalist John Harwood, the program will present a well-rounded panel of guests to include:

· Joan Goodman, Clinical Social Worker and Adolescent Specialist, who will speak about teen risk-taking behavior, teen brain development, and strategies to curb risk seeking and unsafe driving.

· Captain Tom Didone, Montgomery County Police Department, who will discuss how parents need to take more control, how to become more involved with their teen's driving, and the importance of making a driving contract.

· Arturo Betancourt, father of the late Alicia Betancourt, a 16-year-old Blake High School student who died in an automobile accident, who will talk about his family's experience, their loss, and steps he is taking to help curb this teen driving crisis.

The panel and studio audience will also discuss the following topics:

· Parent peer pressure
· Teen risk-taking behavior and deterrents that work
· Parent's role with driver's education
· Making a driving contract
· Setting driving rules and consequences
· Teens' lack of driving experience
· Driving distractions
· The losses (emotional, economical, physical and social)
· New legislation to alter the driving permit and licensing process.

Viewers can call into the program with questions and comments by dialing 301-279-3234 during the taping of the program. The program will replay on Channel 34 throughout March and April, and will be webcast on the MCPS web site.

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