Press Briefing to Focus on Keeping Teen Drivers Safe

March 16, 2005
County and school officials, the parent of a Blake High School teen killed in a driving accident, and Blake students will discuss new and continuing efforts to improve teen driver safety and prevent teen driving accidents.

The press briefing will take place at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 17, at James Hubert Blake High School.

A new county web site will be unveiled with information for parents that will help them set guidelines for their teen drivers.

Superintendent Jerry D. Weast, School Board President Patricia O’Neill, Montgomery County Executive Douglas Duncan, Council President Tom Perez, Police Chief Tom Manger, and Dr. Arturo Betancourt (father of Alicia who died last September as a passenger in a teen-driven car) will be on hand to talk about ways to keep teens safe.

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