New Handheld Testing Software to be Released

June 1, 2005
Press Conference Will Announce Release of
mCLASS™:Reading 3D™Software

Montgomery County Public Schools and Wireless Generation, the leading provider of handheld computer software used by teachers to perform observational assessments, have partnered to develop mCLASS:Reading 3D software.

A press conference to announce the national release of this handheld computer software will be held at Rolling Terrace Elementary School on Friday, June 3, at 11:00 a.m.

mCLASS:Reading 3D software will enable teachers to evaluate students' reading development quickly and effectively and adjust their teaching strategies to respond to the data on student performance. The software also provides an easy-to-understand report on student progress that can be shared with parents and used in parent-teacher conferences.

As co-developer of the software and a joint business partner, MCPS will receive royalties on sales of the software to other school districts nationwide, as well as discounts on subscription fees for use of mCLASS:Reading 3D software.

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