Board Reviews Report on Language Services

September 27, 2005
The Board of Education met on Monday (September 26) and, among other items, discussed school safety, language assistance services, a prescription drug program, and an update of the Teacher Professional Growth System. The Board also approved an administrative appointment and proclaimed October 5 as Walk to School Day.

School Safety Issues

The Board expressed condolences to families affected by two recent violent incidents following school athletic events. The Board and Superintendent Jerry D. Weast discussed a series of preliminary measures that will be available to schools to improve safety and security. Measures include an increased police presence, efforts to fill vacant Educational Facilities Officer positions, better lighting and video surveillance, more after-school activities, increased parent involvement, and helping students report suspicious activities. Long-term measures will focus on the underlying causes of violent behavior.

Assessment of Language Assistance Services Provided by MCPS to the School Community

The Board discussed responses to recommendations of the Office of Legislative Oversight regarding language assistance services provided to the school community. A plan that includes interagency cooperation is in development to enhance and expand current programs and services to students and families with limited English.

Procurement of Prescription Drugs

The Board voted to defer further consideration of a Canadian prescription drug program for employees and encouraged the County to seek a waiver from the United States Food and Drug Administration unless, in the interim, Congress enacts legislation approving the importation and reimportation of drugs from Canada. In addition, the Board's motion said that should the County government enact such a program for County employees without the receipt of such a waiver or enactment of such legislation, the Board would reconsider at that time whether to proceed with a similar program for its employees.

Update on Teacher Professional Growth System

The Board reviewed an update on the sixth year of the Teacher Professional Growth System, including ways to improve the collection of data and other next steps.


The Board approved the following administrative appointment:

Faith Connolly, currently acting director, Department of Shared Accountability, as director, Department of Shared Accountability, Office of Information and Organizational Systems

Walk to School Day

The Board proclaimed October 5 as Walk to School Day as part of a national effort to promote physical fitness and pedestrian safety.

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