Consortia Info. Meetings for Parents are Set

September 29, 2005
Parents of Grade 8 students living in either the Northeast (NEC) or Downcounty (DCC) consortia areas are invited to attend a meeting on the high school options available to their students. The meetings taking place this fall are held at the NEC and DCC middle schools according to the schedule below.

The NEC meetings will include an overview of the Preferred Choice Process and the Signature Programs at the Northeast Consortium high schools. The DCC meetings will include an overview of the Choice Process and the Academy Programs in the Downcounty Consortium high schools.

Presentations in other languages will be provided.

Northeast Consortium

· Banneker, October 17
· Briggs Chaney, October 10
· Farquhar, October 19
· Key, October 26
· White Oak, October 6

Key and White Oak Middle Schools will provide the presentation in Spanish.

Downcounty Consortium

· Argyle, October 27
· Eastern, October 10
· Lee, October 17
· Loiederman, October 25
· Newport Mill, October 19
· Parkland, October 26
· Silver Spring International, October 6
· Takoma Park, September 29

Chinese, English, French, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese presentations will be offered.

For more information about the Signature Programs and the Preferred Choice Process in the Northeast Consortium, or for more information about the Academy Programs and the Choice Process in the Downcounty Consortium, visit the MCPS Web site at the links below.

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