Homework Hotline Live! Returns for 20th Season

September 30, 2005
Homework Hotline Live! returns to Montgomery County Public Schools Instructional Television (MCPS ITV) for its 20th broadcast season on Wednesday, October 5. The program is hosted by MCPS teachers, who answer homework questions from callers live on-the-air.

Homework Hotline Live! airs on MCPS Channel 33 from 4:30 p.m.–6:00 p.m. on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from October through April.

This MCPS ITV flagship program offers one-on-one homework help to students who call the hotline number at 301-279-3234 (Voice/TTY). The program and its upbeat tagline of “Join the Fun and Get Homework Done!” encourage a positive attitude about homework and learning.

While most questions come from elementary and middle school students, “Hotline” teachers represent all levels and most subject areas. Mathematics questions are the most frequent, and there is usually a certified mathematics instructor on staff during cablecasts. In addition, MCPS students interested in television broadcasting provide technical support in the ITV studio in Rockville.

“I enjoy working with the students and teachers in creating each broadcast,” comments the show’s producer Carlton Lewis. “Each week, Homework Hotline Live! features a different MCPS school. We go on location to that school and videotape students presenting questions for the show’s “Brainteaser” segments,” explains Lewis. During the broadcast, viewers who successfully answer these fun and challenging questions win prizes that include tee shirts, calculators, radios, and backpacks.

Since its inception in February of 1986, Homework Hotline Live! has helped thousands of students. “We couldn’t do the show without the dedication of many MCPS teachers,” states producer Lewis. “I want to thank all the teachers who are responsible for the show’s longevity and success.”
Students and families can use this service even if they do not subscribe to cable television. By calling into the show, a student will be connected to a teacher who can provide homework assistance. Viewers with cable service will be able to watch the program and also work with on-camera teachers to help them formulate answers.

Hotline number for homework questions is 301-279-3234 (Voice/TTY).

For more information, contact Todd Hochkeppel, MCPS ITV, at 301-279-7857.

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