Sherwood ES Principal Wins Post Award

November 10, 2005
Jerrold (Jerry) Perlet, principal of Sherwood Elementary School, has been selected to receive the 2005 Washington Post Distinguished Educational Leadership Award for Montgomery County.

Perlet, principal of Sherwood Elementary School for seven years, was recognized for his outstanding leadership skills, collaborative approach, connection with students, and commitment to student achievement.

The award, given for promoting an excellent educational program and creating an exceptional educational environment, is presented each fall to one principal in each Washington metropolitan area school district and to one principal of an area private school.

Perlet came to Sherwood in 1998, following six years as principal of Monocacy Elementary School. He began his career as a classroom teacher, working at Cresthaven, Brookhaven, Potomac, and Rock Creek Forest elementary schools. He also served as a teacher specialist with the Area 3 Administrative Office and as a principal intern and assistant principal at Waters Landing Elementary School.

Perlet was widely praised in the many letters supporting his nomination for his accessibility to both staff and students. He can often be seen walking the halls and visiting classrooms. He knows each student by name. His open door policy provides a welcoming atmosphere for all. “He may be working in his office, but he will drop everything to listen,” said special education teacher Nancy Mixson. “What we, as teachers, have to say is important. He wants to hear from all of us.”

Perlet was instrumental in the systemwide development of the Baldrige Guided School Improvement Process, serving as a member of the Baldrige Implementation Committee. His Baldrige leadership team meetings of all stakeholders were so successful that they were videotaped as training tapes for other schools in the district. Because of his success in leading his school and the Sherwood Cluster in the Baldrige process, his school was chosen as the location of one of two Baldrige Quality Academies. Through the academy, thousands of teachers and many principals have visited Sherwood Elementary School to receive training and support.

Under Perlet's leadership, Sherwood Elementary School has achieved adequate yearly progress on the Maryland School Assessment each year. Perlet continues to set high expectations for staff and students.

The winners of the Washington Post Distinguished Educational Leadership Award will be honored on November 16 at a dinner at Washington Post headquarters and will participate in a seminar to examine educational issues.

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