Board of Education Appoints Eighteen Administrators

June 27, 2006
Board Sets Plan for Community Involvement in the Strategic Plan and Operating Budget Process

The Board of Education met on Monday, June 26, and, among other items, appointed 18 administrators and approved nutritional standards for foods and beverages sold to students. Recommended FY 2007 fees for the Food and Nutrition Services program also were approved. The Board discussed the policy on portable communications devices and approved a plan for community feedback on the strategic plan and operating budget. Board recognitions included MCPS-university partnerships, Vietnamese scholars, and championships teams from the National Academic Quiz Tournament and Panasonic Academic Challenge.

Nutritional Standards for Food and Beverages Sold to Students

Following the recommendations of a work group of stakeholders, the Board approved nutrition standards for foods and beverages sold to students through vending machines, school stores, athletic departments, fund raising, and the a la carte cafeteria program from midnight until the end of the instructional day. The standards restrict the amounts of sugar and fat offered in beverages and snacks.

Recommended FY 2007 Fees for Food and Nutrition Services Program

In response to increased costs, the Board voted to increase the price of lunch in elementary schools from $1.95 to $2.25, in secondary schools from $2.05 to $2.50, and breakfast for all students from $1.00 to $1.25. The new prices are effective on August 28, 2006.

Portable Communication Devices

The Board discussed student use of portable communication devices, particularly by students in middle school. A pilot study in at least two or three middle schools during the upcoming school year was approved to forego the current practice of requiring a waiver for middle school students to possess a cell phone in school.

Update on Community Forums on the Strategic Plan and Operating Budget

The Board approved a plan to provide opportunities throughout the year for the Board, superintendent, and executive staff to meet with community groups about the strategic plan and operating budget priorities. The feedback from these dialogues will be collected and analyzed for consideration as part of the development of the superintendent’s operating budget request and distributed widely to staff and community. A meeting with community leaders is scheduled for September 21, 2006, and a public forum will be held on October 12, 2006.


The Board approved the following administrative appointments:

Kathy L. Brake, currently principal, Washington Grove Elementary School, as director of school performance, Office of School Performance

Eric A. Davis, currently principal, Montgomery Village Middle School, as director of school performance, Office of School Performance

Denise C. Greene, currently principal, North Chevy Chase Elementary School, as director of school performance, Office of School Performance

Jean A. Haven, currently principal Takoma Park Middle School, as director of school performance, Office of School Performance

Bronda L. Mills, currently Director of Middle School Initiatives, Division for Leadership Development, Maryland State Department of Education, as director of school performance, Office of School Performance

Edward Newsome, Jr., currently principal, Maryvale Elementary School, as director of school performance, Office of School Performance

Thomas Anderson, currently principal DuVal High School, Prince George’s County Public Schools, as principal, John F. Kennedy High School

Richard J. Rhodes, currently assistant principal, Benjamin Banneker Middle School, as principal, Sligo Middle School

Patricia A. Kelly, currently acting principal, Westover Elementary School, as principal, Westover Elementary School

Diana L. Zabetakis, currently principal intern, Wyngate Elementary School, as principal, Fox Chapel Elementary School

Linda S. Adams, currently staff development/art teacher, Springbrook High School, as staffing specialist, Department of Recruitment and Staffing

Theresa A. Cepaitis, currently curriculum supervisor, mathematics, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, as director, Pre-K–12 Curriculum Development and Program Implementation, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Carlos Martinez, Jr., currently education program specialist, Student Achievement and School Accountability Programs, U.S. Department of Education, as supervisor, Testing Unit, Department of Shared Accountability

Diane M. Mohr, currently acting special assistant, Office of Information and Organizational Systems, as supervisor, Extended Learning Opportunities, Division of Academic Support, Federal and State Programs

Peter M. Ostrander, currently coordinator, Upcounty Center Programs for the Highly Gifted, Roberto Clemente Middle School, as secondary program supervisor, Division of Accelerated and Enriched Instruction

Roger W. Pisha, currently management and budget specialist, Department of Management, Budget, and Planning, as internal audit supervisor, Department of Reporting and Regulatory Accountability

Clare Von Secker, currently evaluation specialist, Department of Shared Accountability, as supervisor, Applied Research, Department of Shared Accountability

Cynthia M. Webb, currently acting special education supervisor, Division of School-based Special Education Services, as supervisor, Special Education, Division of School-based Special Education Services, Office of Special Education and Student Services

Advisory Committee Appointments

The Board appointed twelve individuals, including students and representatives of business and governmental agencies, to serve one-year terms on the Montgomery County Collaboration Board for Career and Technology Education. Vickie Strange Moscoso, director of Special Education Operations, was appointed to the Special Education Continuous Improvement Team Advisory Committee.

Recognition of MCPS-University Partnerships

The Board recognized the university partners that provide academic programs to Montgomery County Public Schools employees. The partnering institutions are Bowie State University, Hood College, Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, Trinity University, and Towson University. The Board also recognized this year’s graduates of these academic programs.

Recognition of Vietnamese Scholars

The Board recognized the Maryland Vietnamese Mutual Association for the support provided to Vietnamese students through their scholarship program.

Panasonic Academic Challenge

The Board congratulated coaches and members of the Panasonic Academic Challenge team, who won the national championship on June 13, 2006.

National Academic Quiz Tournament

The Board congratulated the coach and team members from Richard Montgomery High School National Academic Quiz Tournament team, who won the national championship on June 3, 2006.

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