ELO SAIL Program Extends Learning in the Summer

June 30, 2006
Summer Programs Expand to Additional Schools, Extend Learning Opportunities for Elementary and Middle School Students

Approximately 6,000 elementary students have begun another exciting summer of learning through the Extended Learning Opportunities Summer Adventures in Learning Program (ELO SAIL). The new 2006 session of ELO SAIL will be marked by a press event on July 5 at 11:00 a.m. at Gaithersburg Elementary School that will include opportunities to visit classrooms and a story-reading session with the superintendent of schools.

The ELO SAIL program is entering its fifth year serving students attending Title I schools and is designed to provide both a review of last year’s material and a preview of the coming year. It is also an excellent opportunity for students to get to know their new teachers. For example, of the 300 students participating at Gaithersburg Elementary School, 90 percent will be in classes with their incoming classroom teacher.

The program is being offered to 6,000 students at 21 schools this summer. Last year, 5,000 students in 19 schools participated in ELO SAIL.

In addition, at the middle school level, approximately 4,000 students are expected to participate in the extended year program at 38 middle schools. This program is designed to assist students who need additional help in reading and mathematics by reviewing past content and preparing them for the material they will learn in the fall. It also provides an opportunity for students to prepare for above-level mathematics courses such as geometry, algebra, Math B, and Investigations into Mathematics (IM).

Wednesday, July 5, 2006
11:00 a.m.

Gaithersburg Elementary School
35 North Summit Ave.
Gaithersburg, MD

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