Outstanding Use of the Internet to Support Teaching and Learning Featured in Maryland Public Television Video

January 20, 2000
Maryland Public Television has videotaped four teachers in two Montgomery County schools for a best practices video that focuses on using the Internet to support teaching and learning. The teachers were featured for their outstanding integration of technology into the instructional program.

Steve Fletcher's sixth grade world studies class at Eastern Middle School was filmed as the students participated in an online adventure by rotating through various online and print resource learning stations focusing on the African explorer Ibn Battuta. The students visited historical sites and read documents related to Ibn Battuta's adventures via the Internet.

Les Rogers' 10th grade science class at Montgomery Blair High School was involved in a lesson using Internet exploration on temperature anomalies to synthesize data, create their own spreadsheets and Excel graphs to construct meaning from the data, and then create a PowerPoint presentation to share their information. The students worked in small groups to use 10 computer stations and a variety of print resources.

Vickie Adamson's ninth grade English class from Blair was filmed presenting their dialog poems on the American Revolution. Adamson teamed with ninth grade social studies teacher Cassandra Heath to have the students research two distinct voices from the Revolution using online resources. From the information gathered, students were required to compose a dialog poem with a partner using different literary devices and poetry forms.

Stacy Dimmick's 10th grade Communication Arts Program students from Blair worked in pairs on campaign finance reform. As part of their social studies class, students worked in the media center and followed a Net Investigation, (see link below), to explore current bills and articles.

The video was sponsored by the Maryland Tech Consortium Federal Innovation Challenge Grant.

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