68 Graduates Earn National Merit Scholarships

July 17, 2007
Seventeen Additional Members of the Class of 2007 Receive National Merit Scholarships, Bringing Total for the Year to 68

Seventeen additional graduates of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) have received college or university National Merit Scholarships, raising the number for the 2006-2007 school year to 68. Last year, MCPS students were awarded 58 Merit Scholarships.

Scholars, colleges awarding the scholarships, and areas of study are:

Montgomery Blair HS: Jessica A. Cutler, University of Maryland, neurophysics; Jordan M. Fein, Northwestern University, law/business/political consulting; Kathleen J. Jee, University of Maryland, medicine; Audrey A. Kubetin, New York University, journalism; Anjali Parekh, Northwestern University, biomedicine; Joshua M. Yanovski, University of Chicago, computer science

Winston Churchill HS: Adrienne Ma, Northwestern University, healthcare

Damascus HS: Michael J. Yanus, University of Maryland, mathematics

Walter Johnson HS: Diana R. Alkire, University of Maryland, art

Richard Montgomery HS: Zao Chen, University of Maryland, finance; Anna K. Haraseyko, University of Maryland, education/music

Sherwood HS: Amanda C. Grossman, American University, international service

Walt Whitman HS: Rachel H. An, University of Maryland, education; Ariel A. Leonard, Washington University in St. Louis, science; Christopher Z. Teng, Washington University in St. Louis, investment banking

Thomas S. Wootton HS: Ethan A. Kraus, Tufts University, law; Nadav O. Rindler, Washington University in St. Louis, undecided

In total, MCPS graduates of the Class of 2007 won 45 percent of the National Merit awards given in the state of Maryland, including 24 $2,500 awards funded by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, 35 college-sponsored scholarships, and nine corporate-sponsored awards.

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