State Releases AYP Performance Data for High Schools

October 1, 2007
Only one of 25 comprehensive high schools in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is on a state list of schools needing improvement as a result of students’ scores on the state-mandated High School Assessments. Information on school performance was released by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) on Friday, September 28.

Four high schools were identified for local attention this year: Albert Einstein, Sherwood, Springbrook, and Watkins Mill. Special education students at Springbrook and Watkins Mill did not make AYP in math. Reading targets were not met for special education students at Einstein, Springbrook and Watkins Mill. None of the four schools met reading targets for limited English proficient students. “Local attention” means that the school system should monitor a school’s improvement efforts in the area or areas not meeting state standards.

Montgomery Blair High School failed to make AYP in reading in one category—limited English proficient students. These results place Blair in Year 2 of school improvement. Last year, Blair also missed AYP in only one category—students receiving special education services.

Friday’s report from the state also included results for students in special schools. Gateway to College, Longview School, and Montgomery Evening High School Centers met AYP in 2007. They will be removed from the state’s list if they meet their targets again in 2008. Stephen Knolls School was placed in School Improvement Year 1 this year. Mark Twain School continues to be challenged by state-mandated requirements and moved into “Restructuring Planning” status.

The results released Friday were for high schools only. AYP data for middle and elementary schools were released last August. School performance at the middle school level increased significantly with 27 out of 38 middle schools in MCPS meeting the testing targets compared with only 15 out of 38 middle schools the previous year. At the elementary level, 124 out of 129 elementary schools met the state performance goal. Ten schools that were on the state’s improvement list last year met AYP this year and will be removed from the state’s list if they meet their targets again in 2008. One school, Shady Grove Middle School, attained that status this year after reaching its performance goals for the second consecutive year.

Individual school scores and AYP data are available on the Maryland State Department of Education report card website at the link below.

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