Board of Education Accelerates Meeting Schedule to Facilitate County Council's Timeline for Final Action on Capital Budget

March 1, 2000
The Board of Education has moved up its schedule by one week for taking final action on the proposed facility plans and boundaries recommended by Superintendent of Schools Jerry D. Weast. The change is being done to help facilitate the review by the Education Committee of the County Council and final action by the full Council.

This means that the Board's action on the changes recommended to the requested Capital Improvements Program (CIP) will be held on Wednesday, March 22, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Board meeting room of the Carver Educational Services Center. The meeting had been planned originally for March 27.

No change has been made in the previously scheduled public hearing on facility alternatives, which will still be held on Tuesday, March 21. A work session on several capital budget items is still scheduled for Tuesday, March 14.

The County Council's Education Committee had requested that the Board's review and action schedule be accelerated in order to allow the committee time to make recommendations on the Board's CIP revisions prior to action by the full Council scheduled on March 28. The Education Committee will be holding an emergency meeting on March 27.

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