MCPS Launches Mobile-friendly Website

April 10, 2013
New pages optimize experience for smartphones, tablets

Montgomery County Public Schools has launched a new mobile-friendly website that allows visitors an optimal viewing experience whether they are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The site is built using responsive web design that adjusts the experience for whatever device is being used. While the way a user interacts with the site will be different on a computer than it is on a tablet or a smartphone, the content is the same.

“Our new mobile-friendly website is part of our overall effort to give parents, students, and staff the information they need in the easiest, clearest way possible,” said Superintendent of Schools Joshua P. Starr. “We will continue to make improvements that enhance communications and engagement with our entire community.”

Currently, the MCPS home page ( and all of the top-level pages on the MCPS website are in the new mobile-friendly format.  This includes the Schools, Parent & Students, Board of Education, Superintendent, Staff, Careers, News, and About Us pages, as well as much of the Spanish section of the website. In addition, many videos may now be viewed on a new mobile-friendly page. Other mobile-friendly web pages will be added in the coming months.

The number of users accessing the MCPS website using mobile devices has risen dramatically in the past year. In March, nearly 19 percent of the visits to the MCPS website were made on a mobile device. That is up from 5 percent in March 2012, and is expected to increase in future years.

While the new website is not an “app,” an icon may be placed on home screen of most mobile devices by simply calling up the site and clicking “Add to Home Screen.” (
See how this is done on an iPhone) Consult the owner’s manual of each device for more information.

MCPS homepage on a computer or laptop
MCPS homepage on a smartphone

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