MCPS Interventions Network to Help Improve Supports to Struggling Students

August 21, 2013
Superintendent names first 10 schools to participate

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Superintendent Joshua P. Starr announced the first 10 schools that will be a part of a districtwide initiative to improve the timeliness and quality of interventions for students who are struggling.

The 10 schools applied to be a part of the Interventions Network and will work with central office and other schools to gain knowledge, practice and expertise in providing direct support to students. Network schools will also serve as models in the district as MCPS designs and phases in its systemic approach to interventions.

“The Interventions Network is part of our districtwide efforts to serve students and narrow achievement gaps by focusing on the individual needs of each child, especially those who are struggling academically or otherwise,” Dr. Starr said. He announced the Interventions Network schools during remarks to the Montgomery County Board of Education on Wednesday. He emphasized that within four years all MCPS schools would be engaged in this type of interventions work.

Members of the Interventions Network will receive training, coaching, and support that are tailored to each individual school. Staff from the schools will participate in monthly Network meetings focused on professional learning, case study analysis, and sharing of best practices. The schools will focus on four key areas:

- Developing a system to identify early warning signs that indicate additional support or enrichment is needed;
-  Personalized learning plans for each student;
-  Implementation and monitoring progress;
-  Developing and cultivating a culture of high expectations and equity.

“The Interventions Network schools will use innovative, research-based strategies to make sure that they know the specific needs of their students and can deliver supports and interventions quickly and comprehensively,” Dr. Starr said. “At the same time, we will build our expertise in this important area and share effective strategies and ideas across the district.”

Each school submitted an application that detailed their interest in being a part of the Network, their priorities around the area of interventions, and a preliminary list of staff that would lead the work in their school.

The first 10 schools to participate in the Interventions Network are: College Gardens, Damascus, Dr. Charles R. Drew, Meadow Hall, Twinbrook, Waters Landing and Whetstone elementary schools; Benjamin Banneker and Neelsville middle schools; and the John L. Gildner Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents (RICA).

In May,
Dr. Starr named the district’s first Innovation Schools, which will receive intense support in designing and implementing innovative school improvement strategies and professional learning plans, in an effort to improve student outcomes. Some of the Innovation Schools may participate in the Interventions Network if improving interventions and supports is identified as a priority area.

The Interventions Network will be coordinated by the MCPS Office of Teaching, Learning, and Programs and overseen by the district’s new Interventions Director, Dr. Monique T. Felder.

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