MCPS Launches New Report to Provide Detailed Information on Each School

January 12, 2015

School Support and Improvement Framework report gives a comprehensive look at each school

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Superintendent Joshua P. Starr released a new, searchable report today (Monday, January 12, 2015) that provides the public with comprehensive information about each of the district’s 202 schools.

The School Support and Improvement Framework (SSIF) report reflects the data and information that is used to inform the school improvement process in MCPS. The data included in the SSIF report is aligned with the five milestones that are monitored as part of the district’s Strategic Planning Framework, Building Our Future Together—Students, Staff, and Community.

“The School Support and Improvement Framework allows us to identify the conditions for success in our schools and then act accordingly in support of our building leaders, staff, and students,” Dr. Starr said. “I’m pleased we can publicly share information from the Framework so our community can gain a greater understanding of what makes a great school and the work our schools are doing in these areas.”

The SSIF report includes data and information from four categories:

- Leadership: How school leaders are fostering excellence, continuous improvement, and innovation in their schools;

- Implementation: Specific details about each school’s improvement efforts;

- Perceptual: Data demonstrating the engagement of staff and the engagement, hope, and well-being of students; and

- Student Outcomes: Specific achievement data, broken down by subgroup.

In June 2013, the Montgomery County Board of Education approved the district’s Strategic Planning Framework, which outlines the knowledge and skills students need to be successful in the 21st century and specifically what MCPS will do in support of students. Each school in MCPS then aligned its school improvement efforts to this framework. The Strategic Planning Framework also includes data points that the district monitors along five important milestones in a student’s educational journey—grades 3, 5, 8, and 9 and graduating college- and career-ready. The data from each of those milestones is included in the SSIF report. (Learn more about the data in the SSIF report.)

Dr. Starr emphasized that the SSIF report goes beyond what is found in school report cards or accountability tools.

“The SSIF report gives a comprehensive look at each school, so we can understand where they are thriving and where there is room for growth and improvement,” Dr. Starr said. “This is the data and information we use to develop thoughtful, customized support for our schools, so we can serve our students to the highest level possible.”

Data in the SSIF report will be updated as it becomes available each year and many of the data points will be included in the OpenDataMCPS portal in the future.

School Support and Improvement Framework report

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