Daly Elementary School Receives Silver Hammer Award for Superior School Facility Maintenance

May 4, 2016

Recognition Presented to School by Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot

Rockville, Md – Capt. James E. Daly, Jr. Elementary School received the Silver Hammer Award from Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot for demonstrating fiscal prudence through superior school facility maintenance.

[Watch a video of the presentation]

“We are humbled to receive the Silver Hammer Award from Comptroller Franchot,” said Daly Principal Nora Dietz.  “Almost every week when visitors come to Daly they say ‘Wow this is a new school’! I proudly say, no, she is 27 years old and we take very good care of her.”

Created by Comptroller Peter Franchot in 2010, the Silver Hammer Award is presented to school custodians for their work and to their principals for supporting that work.

"I would like to thank Daly Elementary School and their superb maintenance team, not only for the impressive superior maintenance rating they received, but also for the commitment and care that they demonstrate every day by taking care of this beautiful school,” said Franchot. “In a time when our State continues to have limited financial resources to meet all school construction and maintenance needs, it is great to have schools like Daly Elementary that are dedicated to providing a clean, safe, and healthy learning environment for their students."

“At Daly our motto is “Every Student is a Daly Success” the work that my building service team, Maira, Oswaldo, Juan, Dennis, & Jose perform every day exudes excellence and ensures our students are successful,” noted Dietz.

Built in 1989, Daly is a 78,210-square-foot facility. The school earned a 92.7 percent rating on its most recent maintenance report. The exterior building appearance, structural condition, windows, doors, and plumbing systems earned superior ratings from state inspectors. Inspectors praised the condition of the air conditioning equipment and the elevator.


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