Board of Education Identifies a Finalist for Superintendent of Schools as Selection Process Increases Community Involvement

April 30, 1999
The Board of Education of Montgomery County has narrowed its field of candidates for superintendent of schools and identified Dr. Elfreda W. Massie, deputy superintendent of the Baltimore County Public Schools, as a finalist who will meet with community, civic, government, business, parent, student, and education leaders next week in interviews designed to help the Board make its final selection and appointment.

"The meetings with leaders of key constituency groups are considered important steps in helping the Board of Education determine the best possible candidate to lead the Montgomery County Public Schools into the next century," said Mr. Reginald Felton, president of the Board of Education. The Board is planning to make its final decision in May.

The Board widened the selection process in order to allow major stakeholders an opportunity to meet a finalist for the position of superintendent in a series of small interview sessions designed to permit a frank and open exchange and dialogue. The interviews will be held Friday, May 7, as a continuation of the Board's selection proceedings.

The separate interviews will include leaders of cultural, ethnic and racial organizations; business and industry executives; community and civic leaders; county government elected officials; senior school system staff; parent organization leaders; student leaders; and presidents of the organizations representing employees of the school system.

In addition to the interviews, members of the Board of Education also are planning visits to Baltimore County to review Dr. Massie's work and discuss her candidacy with educational and community leaders there. Baltimore County is the state's fourth largest school district, with 160 schools and 105,000 students.

The Board identified Dr. Massie as a finalist after narrowing the list of possible candidates from among those who best matched a "leadership profile assessment" derived from public forums and a survey about the qualities necessary in the next superintendent of schools.

Board of Education: Mr. Reginald M. Felton, president, and Mrs. Patricia O'Neill, vice president. Members: Mr. Steve Abrams, Mr. Kermit V. Burnett, Mrs. Beatrice B. Gordon, Ms. Nancy J. King, Ms. Mona M. Signer and Mr. Geonard Butler, Jr., student member. Dr. Paul L. Vance, superintendent and secretary treasurer. Office of the Board: 301-279-3617

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