Board Approves Special Education Staffing Plan, Reviews Update on Workforce Excellence

May 9, 2001
The Board of Education met yesterday [Tuesday, May 8] and, among other items, approved a special education staffing plan and preliminary plans for building improvements at Broad Acres and Oak View elementary schools. The Board also approved an administrative appointment and reviewed an update on workforce excellence. The Board saluted school and nutrition services personnel and recognized NAACP scholarship recipients.

Update on Workforce Excellence

The Board reviewed an update on the progress of the collaborative Workforce Excellence initiatives that support teacher quality through the Professional Growth System and a total learning community. Next steps will sustain that focus and increase the emphasis on leader and supporting services quality.

Special Education Staffing

The Board of Education approved the Fiscal Year 2002 Special Education Staffing Plan which will be submitted as required to the Maryland State Department of Education.

Broad Acres Elementary School Addition

The Board approved preliminary plans for an addition to Broad Acres Elementary school.

Oak View Elementary School Improvements

The Board approved preliminary plans for core facility improvements to the Oak View Elementary School building.


Suzette Chagnon, currently interim principal of Wayside Elementary School, as principal, Wayside Elementary School.

Salute to Food and Nutrition Services Personnel

The Board of Education recognized representatives of food and nutrition services personnel in honor of the sixteenth annual Salute to School Food and Nutrition Services Personnel Day in Montgomery County. More than 11 million meals are served annually to Montgomery County school children through Food and Nutrition Services.

NAACP Scholarship Recipients

The Board recognized the accomplishments of eight twelfth grade students who recently received scholarships from the Montgomery County Branch of the NAACP.

Board of Education: Mrs. Nancy J. King, president; Mr. Kermit V. Burnett, vice president. Members: Mr. Steve Abrams, Ms. Sharon W. Cox, Mr. Reginald M. Felton, Mr. Walter N. Lange, Mrs. Patricia B. O'Neill, and Mr. Christopher A. Lloyd, student member. Dr. Jerry D. Weast, superintendent and secretary treasurer. Office of the Board: 301-279-3617.

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