Comments Requested by Board of Education on Revisions to Policysetting Policy

July 5, 2001
A revised policy (BFA) on policysetting has been tentatively adopted for community comment by the Board of Education. The members of the Board of Education would like to receive any reaction or comments individuals may have on the revised policy.

In determining the educational policies of the school system, the Board of Education has a policy (called "Policysetting") that establishes a comprehensive and consistent process for policy analysis, formulation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. The revisions to the policy would modify the provisions for policy development and implementation strategies.

Comments about the revised policy may be made in writing by August 24, 2001. All responses should be sent to the Office of the Superintendent of Schools, 850 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20850. Responses will be shared with the Board of Education.

A copy of the document is available online for review and consideration at the link below.

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