Superintendent Welcomes Chinese Students Attending Classes at Gaithersburg High School

July 27, 2001
Superintendent Jerry D. Weast will welcome 100 high school and middle school students from China who are attending a week of classes and cultural exchange at Gaithersburg High School. Ten Chinese teachers who teach English as a second language are traveling with the students.

The Chinese students are participating in conversational English and U. S. history classes taught by Gaithersburg High School teachers. Students from Gaithersburg High School also are participating in the classroom sessions.

Monday, July 30
8:30 a.m. (welcome from Dr. Weast in the school auditorium)

Gaithersburg High School
314 South Frederick Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD

Kate Harrison, information specialist
Department of Communications
Tel.: 301-279-3853
Mr. Stephen Bedford, principal
Gaithersburg High School
Tel.: 301-840-4700

NOTE: News media may observe classes and interview students and teachers.

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