Implementation of Code Blue Today, Oct. 7

October 7, 2002
All Montgomery County Public Schools were directed by the superintendent of schools this morning to implement the procedures for Code Blue.

This measure is designed to provide a heightened level of security for all schools. This measure is being implemented as a precautionary action in light of events in Prince George's County.

In addition, the following changes have been made:

* All afternoon kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classes have been canceled today. Morning kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students will be dismissed at the regular time at mid-day.

* All field trips within the county have been canceled, and students are being returned to school.

* Today's classes at the Thomas Edison High School of Technology have been canceled.

The following is the official description of "Code Blue" procedures in the Montgomery County Public Schools.


This is a term used to alert staff that an emergency/crisis exists at or near an MCPS facility. It requires all students to be accounted for and under supervision. Administrators may activate the OSET and set up a command post when appropriate.

Persons authorized to call a Code Blue

Administrators or their designee will notify staff and students via the PA system when a Code Blue is in effect. It is recommended that an “age-appropriate” announcement of a Code Blue include a brief description of the nature and location of the incident.

Code Blue Staff Guidance

When the administrator announces a Code Blue, all students should be accounted for in an instructional area. Wait for further instructions. Classroom instruction may continue.

Staff must document attendance and report any discrepancies to an administrator/designee when it is safe to do so.

During a Code Blue, classroom lockdown is not required.

The OSET may be activated by an administrator during a Code Blue via a PA announcement.

Depending on the Code Blue situation (the nature of the emergency or potential threat), it may not be safe to change classes. In these situations, class bells should be turned off and students/staff should remain in their classrooms until directed otherwise by the administrator/designee.

Depending on the Code Blue situation, staff supervising students outside may be requested to move students to a pre-determined location inside.
Ignore alarms and bells.

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