Schools to Open On Time with Code Blue Restrictions

October 7, 2002
Dr. Jerry D. Weast, superintendent of schools, announced this evening that, while all schools will open on time on Tuesday, October 8, the school system will continue to operate under Code Blue with restrictions on outdoor activities in response to recent events.

Parent volunteers have been requested to help, by walking their children to school and waiting at bus stops, and replacing safety patrols at street corners and walkways.

"These actions are continuing to be taken as a precautionary measure," said Dr. Weast in announcing the restrictions to principals this evening.

In addition to a county and state police presence throughout the county tomorrow morning, some 117 Montgomery County police and fire cadets also will be assigned to be available in the communities to assist students traveling to school.

Student safety patrols will be prohibited from taking their assigned posts at street corners and walkways and, instead, parent volunteers are being requested to act in their place. Parents are encouraged to help children safely walk their children to and from school and bus stops. The Montgomery County Council of PTAs is mobilizing parent volunteers at individual schools.

In addition to the Code Blue procedures, principals have been directed to implement the following measures as appropriate for their schools.

* All outdoor recess, outdoor physical education, field trips, and open lunch will be prohibited at schools on Tuesday.

* Alternative activities will be held for recess and other affected programs.

* Open lunch will be canceled, and high school students will be required to eat lunch at school.

* Students who are in the Fundamental Life Skills programs in special education will not be able to participate in community activities and will remain at school.

* Programs involving out-of-school instruction, such as internships, the Work Oriented Curriculum, JROTC, and the Thomas Edison High School of Technology, are canceled.

* Afternoon pre-kindergarten and kindergarten is canceled, as well as the mid-day and afternoon sessions of the speech and language program and the pre-school education program (PEP).

* All professional development activities for staff are canceled to allow teachers and other staff to be at school in support of students and their colleagues.

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