Letter Regarding U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Janus v. AFSCME

June 27, 2018

Dear MCPS Employees:

Earlier today, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision in the Janus vs AFSCME case that threatens to weaken public sector unions across the country.  We opposed this outcome in our friend of the court (Amicus) briefs [brief 1/ brief 2]  and remain concerned that the decision has the potential to create divisions that can only make our work as educators more challenging than it already is.

That is why this must be a moment for us to come together as a school system, as educators and as union members.

We know from our own experience that strong unions, collaboratively engaged with our school system, mean better outcomes for our students. Employees have a far greater voice in how those results can be achieved as a direct result of our long-standing partnership between MCPS and MCEA, MCAAP, and SEIU Local 500. Higher compensation and excellent benefits have resulted from our collective bargaining relationships and contribute greatly to attracting and retaining a professional work force that is second to none.

Equally important, MCEA, MCAAP and SEIU Local 500 are strong and influential organizations who use that influence to contribute to the success of Montgomery County Public Schools each and every day.  More than 22,000 MCPS employees make up our three unions and we are proud of our collective contributions. We want every employee to know that all of us are committed to our unions remaining strong and our collaboration and strategic partnership growing ever stronger. 

Our communities depend on it, school system employees depend on it, our parents depend on it, and – most importantly – our students depend on it.

Though we might not agree with this decision, our shared commitment and our important work together will continue for years to come.


Michael Durso, President, Board of Education

Jack Smith, Superintendent of Schools

Christopher Lloyd, President, Montgomery County Educators Association

James Koutsos, President, Montgomery County Association of School Administrators and Principals

Merle Cuttitta, President, Service Employees Internal Union Local 500

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