All Outdoor Activities Canceled Thurs., Oct. 17

October 16, 2002
All Montgomery County Public Schools will open on time on Thursday, October 17, but there will be no outdoor student or community activities for the entire day, including no outdoor afternoon and evening activities for students and the community. Indoor activities will continue as scheduled.

Decisions concerning future outdoor activities at schools for students and the public will continue to be made on a day-to-day basis, but with announcements made the day before to help individuals make alternative plans. Changes may be made during the day, if necessary.

For Thursday, October 17

* All schools will open on time.

* All kindergarten and prekindergarten classes (including Head Start) will be held as scheduled.

* All outdoor student and public activities at schools during the day and evening are canceled.

* All indoor student and public activities will continue as scheduled for the afternoon and evening, including indoor student athletics, extracurricular activities, adult education, evening high school, staff development activities, and community activities in schools. School activity buses will operate as scheduled.

* After-school day care will continue, as scheduled.

* Schools will continue to keep exterior doors locked and monitor visitors, but schools will not operate on a Code Blue, unless otherwise indicated.

* Students who are in the Fundamental Life Skills programs in special education will not be able to participate in community activities and will remain at school.

* Other programs involving out-of-school instruction, such as internships, Cooperative Work Experience/On the Job Training, JROTC, and the Thomas Edison High School of Technology, will operate as scheduled.

For the latest updates, see the school system's website at the link below.

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