Highlights of October 15 Board of Education Meeting

October 16, 2002
The Board of Education met yesterday [October 15] and, among other items, discussed a report on enrollment and the Capital Improvements Program and appointed three administrators. The Board also reviewed updates on human resources and the mathematics curriculum, and a report on alternative schedules and technology. In addition, the Board approved the observance of American Indian Heritage Month and recognized transportation personnel and the Mark Mann Award winner.

Update on CIP/Enrollment

An update on student enrollment and an overview of the upcoming amendment process for the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) outlined the changes in size and composition of school system enrollment and the effects of continuing growth and budget constraints on the pressing needs for new and modernized facilities.


The Board approved the following administrative appointments:

§ Lois B. Wions, currently instructional specialist, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, as supervisor, Pre-K 12 ESOL Instruction, Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

§ Kathy Shiflett, currently acting supervisor for the Student Systems Team, Office of Global Access Technology, as supervisor.

§ Susan R. Falkenhan, education program specialist, U.S. Department of Education, as administrative assistant to the chief of staff.

Update on Human Resources

The Board reviewed an update on recruitment, hiring, and retention of highly qualified employees accomplished by the Office of Human Resources, as well as strategic directions for the future. The report also details important collaborations on Workforce Excellence initiatives with the Office of Staff Development and employee associations.

Alternative Schedules and Technology

The Board reviewed a report on the potential of alternative schedules and technology to provide additional opportunities for student achievement. Among the areas discussed were online courses, expanded evening school opportunities, extending the concept of the school day, and smaller learning communities within schools.

Update on Mathematics Curriculum

The Board reviewed an update on the progress of the revision of the pre-K - 8 mathematics curriculum that began in the fall of 2000. Significant progress has been made, and full implementation of the rigorous program is scheduled for 2004.

Dialogue on Current Issues

Members of the Board and the superintendent engaged in a dialogue on issues surrounding the revised kindergarten program and ways to expand and improve opportunities for younger children. In addition, there was a discussion of the school system’s mental health response to the recent shootings in the Washington metropolitan area.

American Indian Heritage Month

The Board approved the observance in November of American Indian Heritage Month in Montgomery County Public Schools, recognizing the significant contributions of American Indians in the school system and throughout the community.

Mark Mann Excellence and Harmony Award

James G. Fernandez, principal of Julius West Middle School, was recognized by the Board as the winner of the Mark Mann Excellence and Harmony Award for exceptional academic leadership, positive human relations, and strong community outreach.

Salute to Transportation Personnel

The Board proclaimed the week of October 20-26 as National School Bus Safety Week in Montgomery County. All Department of Transportation staff members, bus attendants, bus operators, mechanics, clerical staff, secretaries, supervisors and administrators, as well as the officers, crossing guards, teachers, and patrols were honored for their teamwork in getting students to and from school safely.

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