Afternoon Kindergarten Canceled Today, Oct. 22

October 22, 2002
All schools are implementing the following additional restrictions as part of the Code Blue procedures today, Tuesday, October 22:

* Afternoon pre-kindergarten and kindergarten (including Head Start and EEEP) are canceled, as well as the mid-day and afternoon sessions of the speech and language program and the pre-school education program (PEP). Morning kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students will be dismissed at the end of the regular school day later this afternoon.

* All inter-school programs are canceled, including internships, the Work Oriented Curriculum, JROTC, and the afternoon program of the Thomas Edison High School of Technology. All other students are to be kept at school or directed to return home.

* All field trips -- regardless of destination -- are canceled today.

* All professional development activities for staff are canceled for the entire day and evening.

Further updates will be provided as necessary.

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