Annual Report Provides Data on Academic Progress

October 29, 2002
A new annual report for the Montgomery County Public Schools has been published for parents, staff, and the community, providing detailed information about continuing major improvements and challenges of the current and previous school years.

The report contains the most recent information available on the academic progress of the school system, including the results of studies on kindergarten progress released in early October. The report is available at the link below.

Among the highlights of the report are details on enhanced early childhood education, expanded full-day kindergarten, significant class size reductions, and strengthened reading and mathematics instruction. The report also features information on accelerated and enriched program opportunities, rigorous curriculum development and implementation, and alignment of instructional programs with higher standards.

The report describes the ongoing professional development among teachers and staff, technology development, budget efficiencies, and investments in program improvements including special education, school construction, and parent and community partnerships.

Major challenges featured in the report include a rapidly increasing enrollment, limited financial resources, greater diversity of student needs, and significant differences in student achievement.

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