School-Sponsored International Trips Curtailed

March 12, 2003
School-sponsored field trips to all international destinations, except Canada, are being canceled because of increased safety and security concerns regarding international travel of American citizens, given the likelihood of war in Iraq and the continuing potential for terrorism worldwide.

Dr. Jerry D. Weast, superintendent of schools, made the decision this week [Monday, March 10], and directed the Office of School Performance to begin informing principals that all such school-sponsored trips are to be canceled until further notice.

Parents, students, and staff involved in school-sponsored trips had been informed (as part of the registration and approval process) that circumstances might disrupt or cancel such travel plans. The cancellation does not affect privately-sponsored trips involving school staff and students.

Local field trips and out-of-state field trips are still being conducted with appropriate safety and security precautions, with communication plans in place for contacting families in the event of an emergency.

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