Elementary Level Strategies 2017-2018

Strategic Objectives

Evidence of Learning

Identify multiple indicators to measure what students are learning and if they are learning enough

Priority Strategies

  • Rollout of district-level elementary assessments aligned to Evidence of Learning Framework ($1,113,000)
  • External review of written, taught and learned curriculum in math and language arts in grades pre-K – 5 ($446,089)

Trends & Measures

Readiness: In 2017-2018, student data around readiness of students for the next grade level will be determined and reported at grade 2 and grade 5.

Transition: Grade level transition data to be reported supports the successful transition of students at the end of kindergarten and grade 3.

Strategic Objective

Expanding Options and Access to Programs

Increase access to programs and resources needed for all children to be academically successful

Priority Strategies

Strategic Objectives

Physical, Social and Psychological Well-being

Acquisition of knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand personal health and wellness, manage emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.