Things to Know Message for
Thursday, March 10

Here are five things to know for Thursday, March 10. They include a reminder that masks are now optional in MCPS schools and facilities, a reminder to complete the Antiracist Audit survey, COVID-19 take-home test kit information, a reminder that COVID-19 vaccinations and testing are still important and information about Prekindergarten and Head Start registration.

  1. Masks Now Optional in MCPS Schools and Facilities
    The Board of Education voted on March 8 to make masks optional in MCPS. This change went into effect immediately.  Now students and staff can make an individual choice about whether or not to wear a mask. On or Off, It’s Just Me.  Be Kind and Respect My Mask Choice is the message we’ll be using to reinforce kindness, respect and understanding for each individual's mask choice.

  2. This video from the principal at Ritchie Park Elementary School shares this message.

  3. Complete the Antiracist Audit Survey by March 31
    Families, we need your help to better understand how our schools and the school district are doing in ongoing work to address racial and systemic barriers in MCPS. We encourage you to fill out this survey before March 31. You can use your mobile device or computer. Learn more about the MCPS Antiracist Audit here. The survey is anonymous and available in seven languages.
    Family letter in all languages
    Englishespañol  /  中文  /  français /  Português한국어tiếng Việt አማርኛ

  4. COVID-19 Rapid Take-Home Test Kits Being Distributed
    MCPS continues to distribute rapid COVID-19 test kits to all students and staff every three weeks through March. The next distribution is planned for the week of March 21. These kits are an important part of the ongoing effort to minimize the impact of COVID-19.
    To help you use the test correctly and to know when to use them, use the following resources.
    VIDEO: Directions for use of COVID-19 rapid test kit
    Learn more at this website and review the flyers:
    Englishespañol  /  中文  /  françaisPortuguês한국어tiếng Việtአማርኛ  

    (Reminder: these are nasal (nose) rapid test kits; please refer to the directions included in the kits prior to use.)

  5. COVID-19 Testing and Vaccinations Remain Important
    Testing: In-school COVID-19 testing is an important tactic to mitigate spread of the virus. MCPS has in-school random testing for asymptomatic students and rapid testing for students who show symptoms. Parents must give permission for this testing by completing this form.
    Learn more about in-school COVID-19 testing.
    Vaccinations: Individuals 5 and older are eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccination. They are free, safe and readily available. The vaccine is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and to keep COVID-19 from surging in your community. Learn more here.

  6. Prekindergarten/Head Start Registration Now Open
    Registration is open for Prekindergarten and Head Start for the 2022-2023 school year. Children must be 4 years old on or before Sept. 1, 2022, and families must be income-eligible to apply. Families can register their children online. Additionally, weekday and weekend locations are open through March 31 for families that want to register in person. For more information about eligibility guidelines, required documents and how to register, call 240-740-4530 or visit the MCPS website.

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