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Request/Accounting for Nonlocal Travel Funds

About this Form

Form number: 281-1

Audience:  MCPS Staff

Last revised: October 2022

INSTRUCTIONS: Authorization of Travel/Funds—At least 60 days prior to travel, this form must be approved by both the principal/director and the associate superintendent. Travel credit card will not be issued more than 60 days before the trip. No credit card will be issued if estimate of expenses
total less than $100 or if there are prior travel advances outstanding. Retain a copy of the approved form for use in final settlement of travel expenses.
Accounting for Travel Expenses—Use the approved copy of authorization of travel funds to account for travel expenses within 10 business days after completion of trip. If the travel credit card is needed, the employee will be notified when travel credit card is ready to pick up in Controller’s office.
File the expense report in the Hub Expense module with authorization of travel funds, original receipts, and online reviewed credit card statement if travel credit card is issued.

Reference: Regulation DIE-RA: Travel for Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Purposes.

Please use Form 281-1A for Nonlocal Travel for MCCAP travel.

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