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Maryland Home Language Survey

About this Form

Form number: 335-41

Audience:  MCPS Staff, Parents/Guardians

Last revised: April 2024

Federal, state (COMAR 13A.05.07.02–.03), and local regulations require school districts to determine the language(s) used by students in their homes. Please answer each question below. This Home Language Survey will be used only for determining whether a student needs English language support services and will not be used for immigration matters or reported to immigration authorities.

This form is required for all K-12 newly enrolling students. If a language other than English is indicated on two or more of the three questions below, the student will be assessed for English language support services. Additional criteria for testing may be considered. 

Adobe PDF Maryland Home Language Survey43 KEnglish
Adobe PDF Encuesta de idioma del hogar de Maryland40 KSpanish
Adobe PDF Enquête du maryland sur la langue parlée à la maison39 KFrench
Adobe PDF Phỏng Vấn Về Ngôn Ngữ Tại Nhà Maryland102 KVietnamese
Adobe PDF 馬里蘭州家庭語言調查63 KChinese
Adobe PDF Maryland 가정에서 사용하는 언어 설문조사55 KKorean
Adobe PDF ሜሪላንድ ቤት ውስጥ ስለሚጠቀሙበት ቋንቋ ዳሰሳ56 KAmharic
Adobe PDF Pesquisa de Idioma Falado em Casa de Maryland37 KPortuguese

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