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Elementary Immersion Interest Form

About this Form

Form number: 306-1

Audience:  Parents/Guardians

Last revised: February 2019

MCPS offers Spanish, French, and Chinese elementary immersion programs at seven schools. Some immersion programs are based on geographic location and/or give preference to local school students. Some programs are total immersion, meaning all core subjects are taught in the target language, while others are only partial immersion.

Any student entering grades K–5 in the following school year may participate in the immersion lottery. Students may choose to continue into the feeder middle school immersion program.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about immersion programs pdf

Watch this short clip about immersion programs.  

Download a flyer about immersion programs pdf

Adobe PDF Elementary Immersion Interest Form *123 KEnglish
Adobe PDF Formulario de Interés en los Programas de Inmersión en las Escuelas Elementales Ciclo Escolar 2019–2020 *486 KSpanish
Adobe PDF Formulaire d’Intérêt pour les Programmes d’Immersion dans les Écoles Élémentaires Année Scolaire 2019–2020 *483 KFrench
Adobe PDF Đơn Quan Tâm đến Chương Trình Thấm Nhuần Ngôn Ngữ Tiểu Học 2019–2020 *570 KVietnamese
Adobe PDF 小學沉浸式外語教學計畫興趣意向表 2019-2020學年 *688 KChinese
Adobe PDF 초등학교 몰입교육 관심 표명 지원서(Elementary Immersion Interest Form) 2019–2020 학사연도 *518 KKorean
Adobe PDF የአንደኛ ደረጃ ት/ቤት በመድብለ ቋንቋ ትምህርት የመማር/immersion program ፍላጎት መግለጫ ቅጽ የትምህርት ዓመት 2019-2020 *511 KAmharic

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