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Eligibility Screening Parent Interview/Questionnaire

About this Form

Form number: 336-22

Audience:  School Staff

Last revised: June 2015

This form is used to help determine whether a student has an educational disability.  After completion, the form should be filed in the student's confidential folder. 

Adobe PDF Eligibility Screening Parent Interview/Questionnaire175 KEnglish
Adobe PDF Preselección para Elegibilidad Cuestionario/Entrevista con el Padre/Madre/Guardián37 KSpanish
Adobe PDF Évaluation Pour Déterminer l’Éligibilité Interview/Questionnaire Pour les Parents38 KFrench
Adobe PDF Kiểm Tra về Đủ Điều Kiện Bản Phỏng Vấn/Câu Hỏi cho Phụ Huynh117 KVietnamese
Adobe PDF 資格篩選 家長訪談/問卷調查201 KChinese
Adobe PDF 해당여부 심사 학부모 인터뷰/질문지66 KKorean
Adobe PDF የብቁነት መለያ/ ማጣሪያ የወላጅ ቃለ መጠይቅ/መጠይቅ61 KAmharic

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