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Transfer of Cumulative Sick Leave

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Form number: 430-62

Audience:  New MCPS Employees

Last revised: May 2024

COMAR 13A.07.03.02 allows professional employees to transfer cumulative sick leave up to 100 days without change to any public
school system in Maryland. MCPS Regulation GID‑RA states that sick leave is accepted for transfer when the employee comes from
another Maryland public school system. An accumulated sick leave balance of up to 100 days (800 hours) may be transferred. We
have recently employed an individual whose former employment was with your school system. Please complete the form below
verifying the employee’s cumulative sick leave balance and return to:
Employee and Retiree Service Center
Montgomery County Public Schools
45 West Gude Drive, Suite 1200
Rockville, Maryland 20850

IMPORTANT: IMPORTANT: Upon separation from MCPS employment, MCPS does not pay out leave transferred from another employer. This transferred leave will be deducted from the employee’s sick leave balance before the balance is paid out. This is true whether or not the employee used the transferred hours during their MCPS employment. If you are a former MCPS employee who is returning to MCPS, any sick leave hours previously paid out will not be credited back. For example, if you were paid out 100 hours of sick leave at the time of employment and you are bringing 150 hours back from your current school district, MCPS will credit 50 hours of leave. 

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