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Parent Affidavit (for Evidence of Birth)

About this Form

Form number: 560-24A

Audience:  Parents/Guardians, School Staff

Last revised: December 2015

In the rare circumstance that a birth certificate or other legal document is not available, this form may be used to satisfy the requirement to provide evidence of birth.

Adobe PDF Parent Affidavit (for Evidence of Birth)65 KEnglish
Adobe PDF Declaración Jurada del Padre/Madre/Guardián24 KSpanish
Adobe PDF Déclaration Notariée du Parent25 KFrench
Adobe PDF Bản Khai có Tuyên Thệ của Phụ Huynh85 KVietnamese
Adobe PDF 家長證詞 (出生證明)97 KChinese
Adobe PDF 학부모 진술서43 KKorean
Adobe PDF የወላጅ ቃለ-መሀላ48 KAmharic

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